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Determining “Norms” in vocational education Academic Year Excitement in Norm Vocational Education Branches

05 October, 2017

Norm Group, an industry giant of Izmir, is determining norms also at Vocational Education by the vocational education centers in its body. Opening excitement of new academic year is experienced at Norm Vocational Education Branches which has gained hundreds of young individuals to the business world up until today. 
Norm Group, which has made great investments in R&D and educational studies since its establishment and had great contributions in the establishment of Private IAOSB Nedim Uysal Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School at Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (IAOSB), indicates the importance it pays on vocational education also by the “Vocational Education Branches” it has established within its body. At IAOSB and Salihli Organized Industrial Zone Norm Vocational Education Branches which has produced more than 100 graduates and gained these young individuals to business life until today, new students and graduates have gathered for the first lesson of the academic year.    
An example for Turkey
Nedim Uysal, the Honorary President of the Board of Directors of Norm Group, stating that they have started out 11 years ago for vocational education branches which has been a model for Turkey, has said, “I have first met this model at my visit to Germany 11 years ago and impressed a lot. When we were making our investigation as soon as returning to Turkey, we have recognized that this subject was taking place also in our laws and opened our first vocational education branch at our plant in Izmir. Our young people take their first step to a successful future. There are operators, supervisors, and even engineers graduated from university both at our firms and other regional firms among young people we have graduated within 11 years. I have no doubt that our young people who have joined us today shall also be very successful. Turkey needs intermediate staff taken vocational education”.
About Vocational Education Branches
There is 5-day study a week, one day theoretical and four days hands on training, at Norm Vocational Education Branches. At the educational branches operating with 3-year education principle for 11 years and produce graduates with “master-builder” certificate, “master” certificated graduates shall be produced directly by 4-year education system as of this year. While most of the young individuals graduated from the educational branches are being employed within the body of Norm Group within the framework of needs, most of the rest of the graduates are employed by the regional firms.