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Faruk Özlü, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, has visited Norm Group R&D center

02 April, 2017
Within the scope of Izmir program, he has visited Izmir Atatürk Organi- zed Industrial Zone (IAOSB) and had the chance to examine in-site Norm Cıvata facilities and specifically studies of our group in R&D field. Nedim Uysal, our Founder Honorary President, Fatih Uysal, Our Chairman of the Bo- ard of Directors, Erol Ayyıldız, Izmir Governor, Hilmi Uğurtaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone and busi- nessmen have attended the meeting held here.

Özlü, meeting with industrialists operating in IAOSB, has stated that industrialists in Izmir, leading city of the country in industrialization, have more responsibilities today and that technology and intensive investments should come to minds when Izmir is mentioned.
Stating that he wishes industrialists of Izmir to benefit from the supports given for R&D and design studies at the maximum level, Özlü notified that there is an inclusive transformation at TUBITAK, and they shall more and appropriate lands for industrialists by the Production Reform Package they are studying on. Özlü stated that a successful, dynamic and competitive private sector grows economy of the country Healthily, of high quality, and consistently and said, “We’re trying to pave the way of private sector, eliminate barriers on your way, and improve business and investment environment. We’re living on a very competitive world. Specifically, tech- nological superiority has to be captured to remain standing, keep your place and to become promi- nent in such a world.”
Özlü has emphasized that produ- ction without technology cannot be sustainable even it may seem to be advantageous on market dominancy, profitability, etc. and said, “Despite all negativities experienced in the previ- ous year, we have completed two re- volutionary laws. One is R&D Reform Package, and the other is patent law. We have paved the way with one of these for you to make more qualified R&D project and Design study. With the second one, we have improved all processes relevant to brand, patent, design rights you shall obtain as a result of these activities. Definitely, we shall not stop here, we’ll continue the reform studies relevant to economy, business and investment environment and science and technology ecosys- tem.”.