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Fatih Uysal has met with the students of Çiğli 75. Yıl Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School

12 April, 2018

Fatih Uysal, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norm Holding, has met with the students of Çiğli 75. Yıl Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. Receiving the award designed in the field of machinery technology of the school, Fatih Uysal, has given advices to the students. 

Çiğli 75. Yıl Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School has hosted Fatih Uysal, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norm Holding. Giving advices to the students, Uysal has informed them about the future professions. Stating that Information Technologies Literacy, Coding, Robotics, Digital Designing and Animation and Game Programming lessons are taught in elementary schools now, Uysal said, “New generation starts taking these lessons in elementary school years. 18-wheelers with no driver in Europe, robots taking place of guards in Korea and robots being worked at greenhouses and farms for harvesting in the Far East are in question. Human shall produce the technology making these robots. The World is developing, it is necessary to be individuals have knowledge about these subjects to keep up with it. While electronic communications engineering, international law, global politics and international relations, computer engineering, biotechnology and such professions are at issue today, internet archaeology, reputation management, emotion designing, gene mapping, virtual medium management, space guidance professions shall be mentioned in the next 10 years”.
“Reading and learning are the greatest values for you”

Stating that continuous improvement, adding value to public and environment, fair and respectful behavior, team work, making difference for the customers are the subjects they place importance on, Uysal said, “Communication management and team work are our values which are necessary. What you learn in the lessons are information you’ll always use. Of course, you have to internalize them and make them usable and perceive them. There may be many obstacles you may encounter with, but you should never give up. You have to be persistent and stubborn in the works you perform, you’ll address to the incidents. Leave your work to chance is not enough, you have to work hard and make effort. Studying and learning is the greatest value for you. You’re in the stage of receiving this in these desks, appreciate this”.


“Our employees are our most precious assets”

Giving information about Norm Holding established in 1973 by Nedim Uysal and developed by time and reached an important position in the sector, Fatih Uysal said, “When there were no nuts or bolts were manufactured in Turkey, my father Nedim Uysal has seen the need of the country for such sector and has started manufacturing with two machines. Now, we’re working together as three generations. It was impossible to come to these days without ensuring quality. The most precious asset for us is our employees. We need individuals who are highly trained, who have reading comprehension skills and have the ability to carry what they comprehend into effect”.