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Norm Cıvata ranks number 13 in EBSO (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry) 100 list

25 May, 2019

Norm Cıvata, within the structure of Norm Holding, has achieved to rank 13 in the greatest industrial organizations list of Aegean which is announced by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO). Norm Cıvata, among the “Greatest 100 Companies of Aegean” announce by EBSO, has increased its export volume from 795 million TRY to 1 billion TRY from 2017 to this year.
Continuing to produce for Turkey

Kamil Başaran, CEO of Norm Holding, said, “As the number one player of the fasteners sector, we’re proud of being in the top places among the greatest 100 companies of Aegean. With our export curve rising every year, we’ll maintain our contribution to our city, our region and our country. As Norm Cıvata, being one of the leading companies of our Holding, increase in our export figures is extremely precious for us”. 
Salihli plants are growing
Reminding that as Norm Holding, they have new investment attempts in Salihli, Başaran said, “As being a global player since its establishment and being the supplier of many original equipment manufacturers, we’re continuously growing specifically in Salihli with new investments being made recently. We show the utmost care in increasing energy efficiency and production capacity in all our investments. On an approximately 100 thousand square meters in Salihli, we’re contributing to employment and increase our production capacity continuously. Our investments there shall continue in the next 5 years. After making investments in Germany, France and the United States to be closer to our customers, we have also made an investment in Poland”.   

Secret of Success, R&D
Stating that they are also attaching great importance to R&D and training studies, Başaran has expressed that the underlying factor for their success and sector leadership is care and attention shown in R&D activities. Başaran, “R&D centers of both our group companies and Norm Cıvata and Norm Somun carrying its leadership to global arena with the distinctive products and technologies it owns in its sector closely follow the developing trends in the world’s fasteners sector to increase our competitive force. In parallel with this, we consider innovation as one of the building blocks of our strategy and show the best effort to strengthen our R&D ecosystem. All these efforts and studies shall carry us to higher positions in the future”.