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Norm Group got the full marks from Mr. Özlü, the Minister Full support to the domestic production from Mr. Özlü Minister Commission members pay a visit to Uysal and NRM Makina

17 August, 2017

Science Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü gave full marks to Uysal Makina and NRM Makina companies, belonging to Norm Group which is one of the biggest group in Turkey in fasteners industry. Minister Özlü also celebrated the executives and employees of the two firms which take precedence over the import by carrying out domestic production. Minister Özlü, who visited the Norm Group Companies with the members of Turkey's Grand National Assembly of Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources Information and Technology Commission conducted a 3-day inspection tour to Izmir and received information from Nedim Uysal, the founder and honorary CEO of the Norm Group together with Commission President Ziya Altunyıldız. 
Mr. Özlü, the Minister and the Commission Members, who carried out 1-hour inspections in the production facilities of Uysal Makine, one of the companies of Norm Group, which carries out activities in the Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone and attended a presentation on NRM Makine Company, expressed their appreciation for the technology company that produces robotic automation systems for all companies which carries out activities in the manufacturing industry, especially as NRM Makine,  to serve for the target of increasing the added value in production and for domestic production of the machines, which once imported. 
Nedim Uysal, Founder and Honorary President of Norm Group, who provides information to the Minister Özlü and Commission Members in the visit, attended by Ender Yorgancılar, the President of EBSO Board, expressed that "We are honoured by the visit of our Minister and commission members.  We aim to increase our value-added production further and contribute more to the country's economy. For this purpose, we focus on the production of high-tech machines in our facilities. We produce robotic machines for all manufacturing industry with our NRM machine. In this respect, we increased our added-value in production. We believe in the future of Turkey. We have many new projects. We will work with our all strengths to put these projects into practice and to increase our contribution both to the employment we provide and to the economy of the country".