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Norm Holding has met with the students

06 March, 2018

Norm Holding, always supporting youth in gaining to business life, has been the guest of the students of Izmir Katip Çelebi University (IKÇÜ), Faculty of Engineering within the scope of the event, Engineers are Meeting with the Sector (MÜSEB). 
IKÇÜ students have shown great interest in the event which Derya Yılmaz, Human Resources Manager of Norm Somun and Gökay Yaldız, Senior Mechanical Engineer from Norm Cıvata R&D Center have attended as the representatives of Norm Holding. The Senior Mechanical Engineer Gökay Yaldız who has been the first speaker at the event has made a technical information speech on Norm Holding products. Stating that they attach great importance to R&D activities and always produce the leader products of the sector as the Holding, Yaldız has advised the students to be the followers of innovations and said, “Industry 4.0, takes us to a totally different world. To be a part of this world, we have to follow closely what Industry 4.0 brings”.

Being enthusiastic and patient are the keys
Derya Yılmaz, Human Resources Manager of Norm Somun who has given information to young students on employment processes after Yaldız speech has stated that the path for existence of young people in business life passes through being enthusiastic and patient and said, “You must determine targets for yourself and make investments in your future in accordance with these targets. What we don’t prefer to see in a CV is working at 5 different firms in 1 year. With the aim of specializing in a specific field, you have to behave patiently and try to learn the details of your job. Those who interview with you may evaluate your level of knowledge in your field with a few questions. Accordingly, you have to improve yourself in your field as much as possible”.           
Yılmaz and Yaldız, receiving their certificates of appreciation on behalf of Norm Holding at the end of the event, then answered the questions of the university students sincerely.