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NRM Makine has been the sponsor of EGOD’s 22nd Anniversary celebrations

19 April, 2017

Aegean Automotive Association (EGOD) has celebrated its 22nd anniversary with Industry 4.0 panel. At the panel held by EGOD and Federation of West Anatolia Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (BASIFED) cooperation and NRM Mühendislik Makine contribution at Tepekule Congress Center, Ali Rıza Ersoy, the Executive Committee Member of Siemens have explained Industry 4.0 revolution in all its aspects. While Prof. Dr. Jülide Kesken, faculty member of Ege University, was emphasizing human side of Industry 4.0 at the panel, Fatih Uysal, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norm Cıvata, has evaluated effects of Industry 4.0 revolution on industry.

Fatih Uysal, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norm Cıvata, has said that incidents in the films are being lived in real life on world.

Uysal, reminding that robots are in operation in many places in the world, said, “Security guard robots, driverless automobiles, minibuses with no steering wheel or pedal have started to appear”.

Uysal expressed that as Norm Cıvata, they’re studying on Industry 4.0 integration uninterruptedly and said, “Although they seem to be Futurist applications, they seem to change our lives very fast. When regarding in this respect, we may say that Industry 4.0’ın is not an industrial revolution but an industrial evolution to affect all of us.” A gift is presented to Nedim Uysal, our Founder and the Honorary President, a doyen of the sector, by EGOD at the evening.