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OmniMASK® Application Has Started in Production

01 July, 2019

In 2019, OmniMASK® thread masking has been implemented for use at NORM. It is viewed as one of the best coatings in the world for preventing adhesion of weld spatter and electrodeposited coatings on the threaded areas of fasteners. Thanks to this thread masking coating, secondary operations of re-tapping to remove paint and weld splatter are no longer needed. This has resulted in significant quality improvements, a reduction in secondary operations and cost savings for customers utilizing this process. Currently, NORM Holdings holds the only license for OmniMASK® in Turkey.


OmniMASK® is 98% Teflon®, a reliable FEP Fluoropolymer powder coating that protects against the adhesion of Weld Spatter and Electrodeposited coatings, E-Coating or KTL, primers and paintings. It is commonly used for weld nuts and weld studs and provides good electrical grounding. OmniMASK® is available in white and orange.


Eliminates the expensive and not technically recommended manual “re-tapping” operations to remove paint and weld spatter.

Reduces torque vs tension variation.

Increased productivity on the assembly line.

Eliminates scrap and reduces manufacturing cost.