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Report card excitement at Norm Vocational Education Branches

23 February, 2018

There has been a report card excitement at Norm Vocational Education Branches active within the body of Norm Holding and has gained many students to industry as qualified intermediate staff until today. At vocational education branches located at Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone and Salihli Organized Industrial Zone, the students have promised to maintain their success improvingly.  
Students had report card excitement after leaving the first term behind at Norm Vocational Education Branches which has started its activities ten years ago within the body of Norm Holding as a result of attempts of Nedim Uysal, the Honorary Chairman of Norm Holding. Young students, receiving practical information 4 days a week at Norm Holding companies and theoretical information 1 day a week at the training center, have reaped the fruits of the education they’ve taken in their report cards.   Şencan Bulunaz, Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (IAOSB) Norm Vocational Education Branch Principal, speaking at the report card ceremony which many students have received certificate of high achievement or achievement, said, “Our vocational education branches gaining many students to business life until today shall continue to raise successful young people”.   

Foreman in 3 years, master in 4 years
Bulunaz, giving information about general structure of vocational education branches also, said, “Now, we have 54 students only at IAOSB. This figure increases more when adding our vocational education branches in Salihli. Students at our school take a 4-year education. In this 4-year education, students deserve the right to receive foreman certificate at the end of the 3rd year and certificate of mastership at the end of the 4th year. Our students may continue their high school education at open plan schools along with vocational education units if they wish. 90 percent of our students graduated from our units are working at Norm Holding companies. Norm Holding not only supports them during education but also after education and gives priority in recruitments”.