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Support to Red Crescent from Norm Group

04 January, 2017

Norm Group employees donated blood to Red Crescent and gave lives to many people. We are sharing the letter written by Aegean Regional Director Gokay Gok to all employees, and we also thank all our employees for their sensitivity.

Dear Norm Group employees;
We have successfully carried out the "National Safe Blood Supply Program" aim to eliminate the difficulties on safe blood supply on behalf of Ministry of Health and with their audit since 2005 to this day. The purpose of the program is to obtain the blood need of the entire country from the volunteer, regular, conscious donors who don't expect anything in return.

We must not forget that in our country in every 4 seconds a person needs blood. We sometimes experience ourselves how important the blood need is. The only way to overcome this difficulty is the presence of valuable volunteer blood donors like you who are sensitive to social problems and whose heart filled with human love.

The trust by your behaviour that is an example to the community increases our determination to overcome this problem. While you are giving life to humanity with blood donations you have made, this gratuitous favour of yours is the biggest hope for the patients in need of blood and their relatives, as well as ours. 

The continuation of individual support you have given will keep others in life. We thank you as a valued member of the Turkish Red Crescent volunteer blood donors family, for saving lives with the blood you have donated. 
With our sincere regards,