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Circumcision feast by Norm Holding

08 July, 2018

Norm Holding, which is Turkey's largest company in connector industry, brought together its employees in a traditional circumcision feast.
The ceremony in which the children of the employees of Norm Holding plants in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone and Salihli Organized Industrial Zone were circumcised, was held with the participation of Norm Holding Honorary President Nedim Uysal and Norm Holding Chairman Fatih Uysal.
While the 21 children of the employees of Norm Holding were circumcised, the children’s families and the employees of Norm Holding participated in the event which was held for the 15th time this year.

‘For being a family’

Norm Holding Honorary President Nedim Uysal said that Norm Holding is a family and they have always worked with this understanding. "We always do this circumcision ceremony every summer, which has become a tradition. We say at every opportunity that Norm Holding is a family, and I believe we flesh it out with these events. We are very happy and proud to share again this year the excitement of the circumcision of these 21 children belonging to the Norm family."

Norm Holding Chairman Fatih Uysal emphasized that they take care to be together with the employees outside the business life, "We ensure that the employees socialize with each other and with us in activities such as this mass circumcision ceremony. This builds the foundation of the underlying philosophy of our success as a corporation," he said.

The families of the children whose circumcisions were performed expressed their gratitude to Norm Holding, while Norm Holding employees who participated in the event expressed their appreciation for such activities outside work which they can attend with their families.