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12 March, 2021

6th Volume of Norm Cıvata R&D Article Compilation Is Published

we have brought together our articles which contain the results of our R&D projects and researches that We have completed and published during 2020. Consequently, we are proud and glad to share with you 6th volume of article compilation where the innovations that we have brought to the sector are all included.
12 March, 2021

Norm Cıvata ARGE Makale ve Bildirileri Kitapçığı Yayında

2020 senesinde tamamlamış olduğumuz AR-GE projelerimizin ve araştırmalarımızın sonuçlarını barındıran, birbirinden değerli mecralarda yayınlanmış makale ve bildirilerimizi “Norm Cıvata Ar-Ge Makale” kitabında bir araya getirdik.
09 March, 2021

Mucizeler, Gerçek Olduğunda Güzel

Yönetim Kurulu Onursal Başkanımız Sayın Nedim Uysal'ın bağışları ile yenilenen ve onkoloji tedavisi gören çocuklarımızın dünyadaki yeni tedavilerinden yararlanmalarını sağlayacak Kitvak - Bilge Uysal Hücre İşleme Merkezi hizmete sunuldu.
13 January, 2021

Brand New Logistic Center: Romania!

20 October, 2020

Field's Power, Norm's Power

Our development program "Field's Power, Norm's Power" received Silver Award in the "Blue Collar Development Program" category at the 6th "TEGEP Learning and Development Awards"!
14 October, 2020

We returned with an award from IDC Turkey CIO Summit 2020!

Our SAP transition project won the 3rd prize in the Change Management Category at IDC Turkey CIO Summit 2020
09 October, 2020

We are now at digital speed in Nedu too!

Thanks to the rapid completion of the SAP PP/DS digitalization process in Nedu, our nuts and bolts factories will now be able to supply dies in a shorter time and deliver products to their customers even faster.
01 July, 2020

Technology and Digital Transformation at Norm Holding

Technology and Digital Transformation Director Erkan Yeniçare shared his thoughts on digital transformation at Norm Holding during the Covid-19 pandemic. Enjoy the reading!
22 June, 2020

DigiConnect Training Program starts today!

Norm Holding Human Resources Director Filiz Ergin answered our questions about DigiConnect Training Program which will be held on digital platform during Covid-19 outbreak. Enjoy your reading!
08 July, 2019

ST Trading Opens Operations in Poland

In 2019, ST Trading, one of Norm Holding companies that specializes in the support of NORM products to Poznan, Poland is now open and operating.
08 July, 2019

Norm's Customer Satisfaction Score is Now Available

The results score of the Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by ERA is now available, Norm’s recognition score is 94% and liking ratio is 89% stated by 62 local and international companies.
05 July, 2019

Long Bolt Production Has Started

We are proud to inform you that Norm Cıvata has expanded our product portfolio with new investments in advanced technology machines.
01 July, 2019

OmniMASK® Application Has Started in Production

In 2019, OmniMASK® thread masking has been implemented for use at NORM. It is viewed as one of the best coatings in the world for preventing adhesion of weld spatter and electrodeposited coatings on the threaded areas of fasteners.
03 June, 2019

Norm Cıvata has Risen to the 155th Place in ISO 500 List

Norm Cıvata, in the structure of Norm Holding, which was positioned in the 189th place in 2017 in the “Greatest 500 Companies of Turkey” announced by Istanbul Chamber of Industry has ascended 34 steps in 2018 and achieved rank 155.
25 May, 2019

Norm Cıvata ranks number 13 in EBSO (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry) 100 list

Norm Cıvata, within the structure of Norm Holding, has achieved to rank 13 in the greatest industrial organizations list of Aegean which is announced by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO). Norm Cıvata, among the “Greatest 100 Companies of Aegean” announce by EBSO, has increased its export volume from 795 million TRY to 1 billion TRY from 2017 to this year.
26 April, 2019

Norm Holding signature to ‘Araf’

“Araf”, dance and music performance created on improvisation and intending to meet of music and movement language in global and integrating speech in mosaic of Japanese, Turkish and Iranian cultures, is performed at Saint Voukolos Church Cultural Center. The Performance which Norm Holding was the main sponsor of has attracted great attention of Izmir audience.
11 April, 2019

Norm Holding support to Contemporary Dance Performance

Norm Holding, being always on the side of artists with its art gallery, continues to support art. Meeting the art-lovers with Let Me Be Contemporary Dance Performance organized at Saint Voukolos Church Cultural center, Norm Holding has gotten full marks from the dance struck people.
04 April, 2019

Norm Cıvata wind at Stuttgart Fastener Fair

The eighth Fastener Fair, the greatest meeting point of international fasteners sector, is held in Stuttgart. Norm Cıvata, the leading company of Norm Holding which is the leader of the fasteners sector in Turkey has attended the fair which 987 companies from 45 countries are involved and giant firms of the world and important representatives of the fasteners sector have participated in and obtained visa for new markets.
07 December, 2018

The best R&D project of the year belongs to Norm

Norm Holding R&D Center won The Best R&D Project of the Year Award at IZTEK Innovation R&D and Technology Awards 2018 organized by Izmir Technology and Innovation Platform. In the ceremony that is held at the Ministry of Industry and Technology İzmir Provincial Directorate of Industry and Technology, the first prize was received by Norm Holding Honorary President Nedim Uysal together with the Norm Holding R&D team who developed the project.
01 October, 2018

USA extension from Norm Holding

Norm Holding, which is the supplier of especially world’s giant automotive companies in the field of fastening elements and the largest in the sector in Turkey, is extending to United States of America after Europe.
28 September, 2018

Another award to Norm Cıvata Norm Cıvata rewarded with the Receivable Management Award

Norm Cıvata, leading the most important companies of Norm Holding, was granted with an award in the Fortune 500 Turkey 2018 research, which is announced for the 11th time this year by Fortune Turkey Magazine. Bayram Akyuz, CFO of Norm Holding, received the award from the Turkey CEO of Euler Hermes, Ozlem Ozuner on behalf of Norm Cıvata, which was granted with the Receivable Management Award of Euler Hermes, one of the sponsors of the night.
18 September, 2018

The Norm family got together at the picnic

Positioned as the leader of the market for fastening elements in Turkey in terms of production and sales with more than two thousand employees and industry-leading companies within, Norm Holding got together with its employees at the picnic.
08 August, 2018

International R&D Project from Norm Cıvata

Norm Cıvata, one of the leading fastener producer in the world, is also involved in international R&D projects. Norm Cıvata is one of the founding members of EUREKA SMART Advanced Manufacturing Cluster and the first project call from the Cluster was announced in December 11th, 2017. The project, “Cryogenic assisted machining – CryoMach” prepared by Norm Cıvata and partners from Belgium, Sweden and Spain, was received “EUREKA SMART Label” after the technical evaluation of international experts.
08 July, 2018

Circumcision feast by Norm Holding

Norm Holding, which is Turkey's largest company in connector industry, brought together its employees in a traditional circumcision feast.
15 June, 2018

Norm Cıvata is on the rise on TİM list

Turkey Exporters’ Assembly (TIM), announced the top 1000 exporter companies of Turkey. Norm Cıvata which is under Norm Holding, made the top 1000 exporter companies list of TİM where there are 83 companies from Izmir; while taking 183rd place in 2016, moved 14 places up to rank 169th in 2017. 2017 results of “Top 1000 Exporters” survey which has been conducted by Turkey Exporters’ Assembly for 16 years and covers 26 sectors were announced by a press conference.
12 June, 2018

Joy of Graduation in Norm Vocational Training Center 28 students graduated from Çiğli and Salihli

17 students who completed their 4 years in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (İAOSB) Norm Vocational Training Center, which had been founded in 2007 with the contribution of Norm Holding Honorary President Nedim Uysal, graduated with certificates of mastership. Salihli Norm Vocational Education Unit, which came into operation in 2015, produced 11 graduates this year. Norm Holding Honorary Chairman Nedim Uysal and Norm Holding CEO Kamil Başaran presented the students with their diplomas to, while Norm Holding Industry Group Chairman Mahmut Öztürk and Norm Holding CFO Bayram Akyüz also participated in the ceremony. İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (İAOSB) Norm Vocational Training Center, which has graduated 105 students up to today, produced its 9th term graduates.
30 May, 2018

Norm Cıvata is on the rise on TİM list Norm Cıvata is on the rise among the best companies

Norm Cıvata, which is under Norm Holding, continues its rise in the largest industrial enterprises of Aegean and Turkey list which was announced by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) and the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO). In the EBSO’s "Top 100 Companies of the Aegean Region" list, with 795 million 181 thousand TL from production to sales, Norm Cıvata moved up from 15th place last year when they had entered the list to 13th place this year. And according to İSO data, Norm Cıvata which had ranked 217th in 2016, moved 28 places up and took 189th place in 2017.
16 May, 2018

Another award to Norm from SSI

Another award is granted to Norm Holding by Manisa Provincial Directorate of Social Security Institution. Uğraş Uyar, Human Resources Manager of Salihli enterprises, has received the award granted within the scope of the Social Security Institution Week regarding the employment figures of 2017 from Hüseyin Şenay, the Vice President of Manisa Chamber of Commerce.
12 April, 2018

Fatih Uysal has met with the students of Çiğli 75. Yıl Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School

Fatih Uysal, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norm Holding, has met with the students of Çiğli 75. Yıl Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. Receiving the award designed in the field of machinery technology of the school, Fatih Uysal, has given advices to the students.
25 March, 2018

Another award to Norm from OSD

Another award comes from Automotive Industry Association (OSD) to Norm Cıvata, one of the companies of Norm Holding known specifically for the great contribution in automotive sector.
10 March, 2018

Remarkable interest for Norm Holding at Fastener Fair Turkey

Türkiye bağlantı elemanları sektörünün en büyük buluşma noktası Fastener Fair Turkey’in 4.’sü İstanbul Fuar Merkezi’nde gerçekleştirildi. Sektörün lideri Norm Holding de, bu dev buluşmada holding şirketlerinden Norm Cıvata, Standart Cıvata ve Best Kale Cıvata ile yerini aldı.
06 March, 2018

Norm Holding has met with the students

Gençlerin iş hayatına kazandırılmasına her zaman büyük destek veren Norm Holding, Mühendisler Sektörle Buluşuyor (MÜSEB) etkinliği kapsamında İzmir Katip Çelebi Üniversitesi (İKÇÜ) Mühendislik Fakültesi öğrencilerinin konuğu oldu.
23 February, 2018

Report card excitement at Norm Vocational Education Branches

Norm Holding bünyesinde faaliyet gösteren ve bugüne kadar pek çok öğrenciyi nitelikli ara elemanlar olarak sanayiye kazandıran Norm Mesleki Eğitim Şubeleri’nde karne heyecanı yaşandı. Atatürk Organize Sanayi Bölgesi ve Salihli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi’nde yer alan mesleki eğitim şubelerinde öğrenciler, başarılarını artırarak sürdürmeye söz verdi.
21 February, 2018

Minister Özlü has made the opening of Nedim Uysal Vocational High School

Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (IAOSB) Nedim Uysal Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School is opened by an opening ceremony which Faruk Özlü, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology has attended.
27 December, 2017

Norm Holding; First Runner Up of Izmir in Bowling League

Final games of the Companies’ entertaining competition “Companies are Competing Bowling League” of 2017 are performed on the dates ……. Norm Holding has been the first runner up of Izmir in the finals of the 11th “Companies are Competing Bowling League”.
21 December, 2017

Norm Cıvata ranks the first also in R&D

Norm Civata, a Norm Group Company, has won the championship of Turkey in 'metal products' category of the year of 2016 at the private sector R&D Centers Summit organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology every year.
30 November, 2017

Norm Holding, itelligence ile dijital dönüşüm yolculuğunu başlatıyor!

Bağlantı elemanları üretiminde uyguladığı yenilikçi yaklaşım ve deneyimli ürün geliştirme altyapısıyla Türkiye’nin lider, Avrupa’nın ilk beş üreticisi arasında yer alan, üretimini son 10 yılda 4 katına çıkaran Norm Holding, dijital dönüşüm yolculuğunda stratejik çözüm ortağı olarak itelligence’ı seçti. Başta otomotiv ve beyaz eşya olmak üzere, 44 yıldır mobilyadan inşaat ve makineye kadar birçok alan ve sektörde faaliyet gösteren Norm Holding, itelligence’ın sunduğu uçtan uca SAP çözümleriyle, BT altyapısını sadeleştirerek tüm iş süreçlerini ve 9 ayrı üretim tesisini tek merkezden yönetecek. Ocak 2019’da sona ermesi planlanan projede, şirketin dijital dönüşüm sürecinde, SAP’nin en yeni çözümleri devreye alınarak iş süreçleri sadeleşecek ve önemli bir verimlilik artışı sağlanacak.
08 November, 2017

Kamil Başaran has Become the CEO of Norm Holding

Norm Holding, the leader of fasteners market of Turkey, which has accomplished its holding structuring a short time ago, has assigned Kamil Başaran, one of the experienced directors, to the CEO position.
05 October, 2017

Determining “Norms” in vocational education Academic Year Excitement in Norm Vocational Education Branches

Norm Group, an industry giant of Izmir, is determining norms also at Vocational Education by the vocational education centers in its body. Opening excitement of new academic year is experienced at Norm Vocational Education Branches which has gained hundreds of young individuals to the business world up until today.
17 August, 2017

Norm Group got the full marks from Mr. Özlü, the Minister Full support to the domestic production from Mr. Özlü Minister Commission members pay a visit to Uysal and NRM Makina

Science Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü gave full marks to Uysal Makina and NRM Makina companies, belonging to Norm Group which is one of the biggest group in Turkey in fasteners industry. Minister Özlü also celebrated the executives and employees of the two firms which take precedence over the import by carrying out domestic production. Minister Özlü, who visited the Norm Group Companies with the members of Turkey's Grand National Assembly of Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources Information and Technology Commission conducted a 3-day inspection tour to Izmir and received information from Nedim Uysal, the founder and honorary CEO of the Norm Group together with Commission President Ziya Altunyıldız.
03 August, 2017

Norm Somun was approved as Design Center

Since the Design Center concept, which entered into our life in March 2016 with amendments to the R&D centers law no. 5746 and was framed by a regulation came into force in August 2016, matched up with our new product implementation and die designing activities conducted in our Norm Somun Engineering Services department and the point we want to carry them in the future, we started to work on this subject with the publication of the law. The application we made by completing our preparations in April 2017 was successfully completed with the presentation we made in the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on May 22, 2017, and we were entitled to receive the Design Center Certificate.
02 August, 2017

Norm Group Salihli Plants got full marks from Automotive giants

Since the day it was founded, the Norm Salihli Plants, which always aim for better, have got full marks from the automotive giants. Norm Somun Salihli plant, which became entitled to get TS 16949 certificate in July 2016, successfully completed Volkswagen audit in April 2017. As a result of the audit, it became a class A supplier in the production of nuts.
01 August, 2017

Norm IT team hosted IAS User Days

On the day organized by our company to develop information exchange and network with the users who use the same solution, IAS User Group Leader and Event Moderator Ahmet Oturgan (Norm Cıvata) made a presentation on Demand Management in IT, Serpil Altaş (Ege) on Housewares, Mürsel Demir (Standart Cıvata) on Transition from Version 603 to 604, Serkan Akgündüz (Norm Cıvata) on Edi Applications, Orkun Ünlü (Norm Cıvata) on Handheld Terminal Practices, Çağatay Tünk (Norm Cıvata) on Human Resources Practices.
22 July, 2017

The Norm family has met in the traditional circumcision ceremony

Employees of the Norm Group companies, the leader in Turkey and one of the top five producers in Europe with its innovative approach and experienced product development infrastructure in the production of fasteners, met in the traditionally organized mass circumcision ceremony every year.
12 July, 2017

Norm Cıvata raises the bar

Norm Cıvata retained its position rising in “Turkey Top 500 Industrial Enterprises 2016" list that the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) announced. Norm Cıvata was listed in the 217th row rising 13 steps in the list where it was in the 230th row last year. Norm Cıvata also crowned its 44 years of adventure by rising 44 steps at once and entering among the first 200 in the list of top exporter companies in 2016 announced by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM).
03 July, 2017

Norm Group in AÇEV Trainings

As the Norm Group, we are part of the As the Norm Group, we are part of the 'I Support Social Gender Equality for My Country' project, which continues in cooperation with the Mother Child Education Foundation and our business partner Ford Otosan.
10 June, 2017

As the NORM Group, we supported Hearty Steps (Kalpten adımlar)

Norm Group corporate communications specialist Burçay Güngüler was presented with a plaque by Fahriye Tuğcu for the support of the Norm Group, sponsored for the 'Hearty Steps' fashion show organized with the idea of 'Being aware is the first step in creating a solution.' by Ege Artı Disabled Persons Education and Development Association. Büşra Ösen Masoodi dealt with the designs of the dresses of the fashion show in the event which was put into practice with the volunteering principle of the students from different high schools.
09 June, 2017

In the Norm Vocational Training Units Joy of School Report Cards

At the Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (IAOSB) and Salihli Organized Industrial Zone, the Norm Vocational Training Center students took their school report cards at the end of the 2016-2017 education season.
31 May, 2017

Norm Football Team Takes Second Place At Business Cup Turkey

The Business Cup, the largest and most extensive intercompany football league in Turkey, is held biannually in Spring and Fall in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Konya and Adana as a platform for competition among teams consisting of company employees, and Turkey Champion for 2017 was unveiled at the final organized at the Adora Golf Resort Hotel, Antalya.
23 May, 2017

Norm Art Gallery features work from Zeki Serbest in the first exhibition of the season

Norm Cıvata, a leading organization in the Turkish industry, hosts Zeki Serbest at its art gallery, which has been operating for 14 years at the Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone in the first exhibition of the season of 2017.
17 May, 2017

Our Chairman meets students

Fatih Uysal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norm Group, visited as a guest the Private IAOSB Nedim Uysal Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.
11 May, 2017

At ERP Awareness Days we met with students

We participated in ERP Awareness events, where university students were told the importance of sharing experiences and solving problems that they might encounter in business with enterprise resource planning methodology.
10 May, 2017

Special sponsorship for the 50th anniversary

Turkish Educational Foundation (TEV) Izmir Branch Office celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a special concert participated by Berna Laçin, Çiğdem Erken and Çağan Irmak.
08 May, 2017

Norm Runners Wing for Life Runs For Those Who Can't

As the Norm Runners group we participated in the Wings for Life World Run, which is started simultaneously in 24 different countries where 155,000 people from all around the world run for those who can't, aiming at providing funds to studies on treatment of spinal cord injuries. We ran for those who can't.
25 April, 2017

Intensive attention to exhibition of Norm Art Gallery in Salihli

Within the framework of March 8, International Woman’s Day celebrations, exhibition Norm Group has opened with cooperation of Salihli Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TSO), at Salihli Zafer Keskiner Theater and Exhibition Hall.
19 April, 2017

NRM Makine has been the sponsor of EGOD’s 22nd Anniversary celebrations

Aegean Automotive Association (EGOD) has celebrated its 22nd anniversary with Industry 4.0 panel. At the panel held by EGOD and Federation of West Anatolia Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (BASIFED) cooperation and NRM Mühendislik Makine ...
06 April, 2017

News from Norm R&D

Participation was made with 2 articles prepared by the R&D team for the 3rd International Iron and Steel Symposium organized this year.
02 April, 2017

Faruk Özlü, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, has visited Norm Group R&D center

Within the scope of Izmir program, he has visited Izmir Atatürk Organi- zed Industrial Zone (IAOSB) and had the chance to examine in-site Norm Cıvata facilities and specifically studies of our group in R&D field.
29 March, 2017

Norm Cıvata has taken its place at Fastener Fair Stuttgart

Norm Cıvata, the greatest brand of the sector with Turkish capital and export leader, has taken its place at “Fastener Fair Stuttgart” the most prestigious fasteners fair of Europe organized biennially in Stuttgart.
09 February, 2017

Norm Cıvata R&D Center met with Mechanical Engineer candidates at Ege University

“Fasteners Technical Education” is given by Norm Cıvata at Ege University, Department of Mechanical Engineering Machine Elements course. On 29 March 2017, technical information on fasteners is given in 2 different seminars to the attendants by Sezgin Yurtdaş, one of our R&D Engineers and information on scientific studies at R&D Center are transmitted to the young Engineer candidates.
04 January, 2017

Support to Red Crescent from Norm Group

Norm Group employees donated blood to Red Crescent and gave lives to many people. We are sharing the letter written by Aegean Regional Director Gokay Gok to all employees, and we also thank all our employees for their sensitivity.
05 December, 2016

Norm joined the R&D Innovation Week

Our R&D engineers Baris Yurdakul, and Cenk Kilicaslan joined the Turkey Innovation Week, representing Norm Cıvata which took place at the Istanbul Congress Center between 8-9-10 December 2016.
27 November, 2016

We returned with awards from the AOSB R & D and Innovation Competition

Norm Cıvata took part in the IAOSB R & D and the Innovation competition organized by Izmir Ataturk Organised Industrial Zone, this year for the second time, with 4 project and won the 3rd prize with "Determining the Effects of Geometry and Manufacturing Factors on the Fasteners Fatigue Life and Design and Production of Increased Fatigue Life, Lightweight Fasteners", two honorable mentions with NOW (A Fastener Form
23 November, 2016

NORM Cıvata hosted their guests at the Volkswagen International Suppliers Fair (IZB)

Otomotiv sektörünün lider oyuncusu Volkswagen'in yan sanayileri icin iki senede bir Wolsburg’da düzenledigi uluslararası tedarikçi fuarında (IZB)Norm Civata standı büyük ilgi gördü.The Norm Cıvata stand attracted big attention at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) organised by Volkswagen, the leading player in the Automotive sector, for the sub-industries once in two years in Wolfsburg.
15 November, 2016

Norm Group 2nd Painting Contest has ended

This year’s theme of the painting of the Norm Group employees was “City in my Dreams”. 29 children joined the contest this year. The paintings were evaluated in two different categories as the primary school and the secondary
29 October, 2016

NORM Cıvata exhibited their products in Las Vegas

This year our Vice Chairman Nedim Uysal, Vice General Manager responsible for Export Okan Uybat and Export Specialist Onur Narinc attended the American Fastener Fair organised every year in the last week of October in Las Vegas on behalf of our company. Norm Cıvata who want to take an active role in the market by increasing their connections on American market attended the fair organised for 37 years for the second time.
27 October, 2016

We sponsored to the Republic Cup

This year the enthusiasm of the Republic Day,is crowned with the Republic Cup Equestrian Competitions held in Izmir Riding Club.
24 October, 2016

We continue to meet the students! 

Norm Group Corporate Communication Specialist Burçay Erenay Güngüler met with students as a guest of the "Vocational Seminars in Public Relations" lecture of the second grade students of Yaşar University Faculty of Communication.
23 October, 2016

NORM is at the Industrial Cooperation Days

The 3rd "Industrial Cooperation in Defense and Aviation Days" which was organized by the Ostim Defense and Aviation Cluster (OSSA) and ABE (advanced business events) under the aegis of the Undersecretary of Defense and Industry took place in Congresium-Ankara Convention Center on 11-13 October 2016.
13 August, 2016

Norm Family Met in Mass Circumcision Ceremony

Employees of Norm Group companies, leader in Turkey and one of the top five manufacturers in Europe with its innovative approach and experienced product development infrastructure in the production of fasteners met in the "mass circumcision feast" which is organized traditionally each year.  
17 March, 2016

Norm Cıvata is at the Turkey Innovation Week

The series of events to be held within the scope of the Turkey Innovation Week 2016 Anatolian Meetings started in Izmir this year...
01 February, 2016

Salihli business world experienced tax honor

Salihli Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented a plaque to the members that paid the highest corporate and income tax, that made the most export and that provided the most employment.
00 , 0000

Nedim Uysal received honorary award from Salihli Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Salihli Chamber of Commerce and Industry gave "Honorary Award" to Nedim Uysal, Norm Group Founder and Honorary President, at the Economy Awards Ceremony, which is traditionally organized every year. Uysal, who received the prize at the ceremony, stated that he was proud of being from Salihli and thanked Salihli Chamber of Commerce and Industry for granting this award.